Please help us live tweet the #COTEsummit

Your tweets during the conference and presentations will add a fun, exciting, and informative backchannel conversation to the event experience and add a mechanism to extend the conversation to those not able to attend, those attending virtually, and extend the conversation beyond the end of the Summit. Please help us enhance the conference experience for all by tweeting anything from questions, to hallway conversations, to reactions to the speakers. They will be collected and posted as part of the proceedings of the events.

Open SUNY COTE Summit tweets can be found at:

You can also use an aggregator, such as, ,  or to help you follow and add to the Summit conference twitter stream.

To contribute yourself, login to your twitter account (or create one for the purpose at, and post a message containing the phrase “#COTEsummit” (note: also known as a hashtag or #tag); your tweets will automatically be included in the summary page and recorded in the conference proceedings.

Need more information on how to tweet a conference?

Any questions may be directed to Erin Maney @expertlymade – 2017 Twitter Captain

The 2017 #COTEsummit volunteer twitter team:
Ian August @eomonroe00
Chrisie Mitchell @DCC_TLC
Greg Ketcham @Greg_Ketcham
Anne Reed @AER_ID
Dan Feinberg @Dan_Feinberg
Michelle Rogers-Estable @distance_edu
Alexandra Pickett @alexpickett

Want to volunteer for the team? Review the team roles and responsibilities.



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