Open SUNY Effective Practices Panel

Moderator: Erin Maney
Open SUNY Effective Practice Award Winners:

1st place:
Practical Guide to Meaningful Gamification Learning Module – submitted by Deborah Moore-Russo and team:
Andrew Wiss, Ryan Sturnum, Anne Reed, Jeremiah Grabowski (University at Buffalo)

2nd place:
Using synchronous sessions to build community and connect globally – submitted by Patrice Torcivia Prusko (Cornell) and Lorette Pelletiere Calix (ESC)

3rd place:
Stop and pause for engagement in online video lectures – submitted by Shannon Budin (Buffalo State College)

Honorable Mention:
Active Learning Classrooms – submitted by Nathan Whitley-Grassi with Kelsey Foote and  Allison Moreland.

Panel Presentation: The Open SUNY COTE Effective Practices Showcase

Anne Reed, Jeremiah Grabowski, Patrice Torcivia Prusko, Nathan Whitley-Grassi with Kelsey Foote and  Allison Moreland.

Open SUNY Online Effective Practices: have been submitted and voted on by the Open SUNY Community of Online Practitioners. The Open SUNY COTE Effective Practice Award Program aims to collect, share and showcase the online best practices, strategies, and innovative online teaching and learning activities of exemplary Open SUNY Fellows and online practitioners from across the SUNY system.

Erin Maney, Open SUNY COTE Sr. ID

Erin Maney, Open SUNY COTE Sr. ID

Erin Maney is a Senior Instructional Designer with Open SUNY. She comes to the COTE team from Monroe Community College where she served as an instructional designer.

She has worked for community colleges and universities in Wisconsin and Florida before returning to upstate NY. Erin was formerly an English teacher for K-12 districts and continues to teach developmental writing courses and college orientation seminar as an adjunct instructor. After leaving the traditional classroom, she served in many roles supporting educators in K-12, at-risk youth facilities, technical and career high schools, community colleges, and universities. Much of her experience is focused on developing and facilitating training programs, finding new and engaging ways to communicate content, and developing meaningful learning opportunities for both faculty and students.